SANO Movement

SANO Movement

The acronym for Start Again, Not Over, is SANO.

The origin of the word, “sano” comes from the Latin word “sanus,” which means, “sound in body or mind.” It also means “I heal, cure. I restore, repair, correct.”

In Italian, the word “sano” means “healthy, sound.”

In Spanish, the word “sano” means good, healthful, healthy, sane, sound, earnest, pure, unbroken, and wholesome.

SANO is the message, the essence, and the embodiment of Start Again, Not Over.

I invite you to Start Again, Not Over, and Start living a SANO Way of Life!

Start healing, restoring, repairing, and curing!
Start living a happy, good, pure, sane, healthy, sound, wholesome life!

Join me in this SANO Movement! And, together let’s create a better, healthier, happier world!
Let’s Start Now!

People dancing in the street.

Be invincible and live your true greatness.