Enthusiasm: The SANO Way Of Life

Dr. Leticia Ximénez
February 5, 2017

My husband, Joe, was a man full of life, passion and enthusiasm. Interestingly, in his favorite book, “The Magic of Thinking Big: Aquire The Secrets of Success,” David J. Schwartz states that “enthusiasm literally means the Spirit of God within.”

Yes, enthusiasm is an attitude that results when you express the Spirit of the Divine within you, just as Joe expressed his.

In “The Magic of Thinking Big,” Schwartz also states that enthusiasm is a very important “characteristic” of successful people and that “if you have enthusiasm, those around you will have it, too.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson states, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Do you want to have enthusiasm? Do you want to be successful and achieve great things? Do you want others around you to have enthusiasm, too?

Yes? Then, Start Again, Not Over because the SANO Way of Life is about living life with enthusiasm…


What are you enthusiastic about? What gives awareness to and awakens the Spirit of God within you? You know what it is. Just remember. It has been within you all along. It is who you are.


Make the intention to focus on what drives and energizes the Spirit of God within you. Make the intention to focus your time, energy and resources on those people, situations, actions and things you are enthusiastic about.


Take action and give life to your enthusiasm.

Close your eyes. Start by remembering with your heart, the soul of your being. Then, remember with your gut, the core of your being. Allow it to come out. Feel it. Don’t try to describe it. You do not need to label it with words. You know what it is. Just FEEL it. Feel it flowing through you and filling every cell in your body. Pay attention to how amazingly wonderful it feels. Enjoy paying attention in the allowing of yourself to experience the Spirit of God within you, on you and all around you. Allow it to embrace you and and enjoy it. Smile for you are remembering the divine spirit within you. You are remembering who you really are.

Now express this beautiful Spirit of God within you. Take action and bring it to life.

Share with us below and in social media, at #SANOWayOfLife, what awakens, drives, and expresses the Spirit of the Divine within you. We would love to hear from you…


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