Do You Feel Free?

Dr. Leticia Ximénez
July 4, 2017


Happy 4th of July! Today is Independence Day in the United States. I have been hearing people celebrating with fireworks for a few days now. But, I wonder, “How many people feel truly free – free to be who they really are, free to be where and with whom they want to be, free to do what they want to do and feel what they want to feel?”

The important question is, “Do you feel free?” Or, like most people:

Do you allow would’ves, could’ves and should’ves, and the fear of not belonging, being rejected and abandoned to enslave you to a life that you do not want to live?

Do you allow false limiting beliefs and the fear of not being enough and not being loved dictate your life, prevent you from tapping into your true potential and living your true purpose?

Do you allow convenience, a false sense of security and a fear of the unknown to keep you from moving forward, being your true Self and living the life you know you are meant to live?



Pay attention to the fact that just because you do not feel free does not mean you are not. You are not your thoughts and you are not your feelings.


Make the intention to remember that you are the beings experiencing these thoughts and feelings. You are the space where these thoughts and feelings take place. And, therefore, you are the space of unlimited potential, possibilities and options.


Take action. Take responsibility of your life through your choices. Choose to be honest with your Self and your decisions. Make the commitment to actively stop allowing the above to enslave you into making the same mistakes over and over – and, rather, use those thoughts and feelings to help you start again by remembering who you are and to guide you to live the life you were born to live.

Share with us below one choice, one decision, and/or one commitment you will make and start today to celebrate and exercise your freedom. We would love to hear from you. ….


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